I used to be quite the academic scientist and loved doing research. But I’m going to take a wild guess that I won’t be writing science papers anymore. Those interested in what I did for 25 or so years can go here.

Below is a list of science papers for which I have pdfs (just click to download).

Rojstaczer, S., and Healy, C., 2012, When A is Ordinary: The Evolution of American College and University Grading, 1940-2009, Teachers College Record, v. 14, ID Number: 16473. tcr2012.pdf

Rojstaczer, S., and Healy, C., 2010, Grading in American Colleges and Universities, Teachers College Record, ID Number: 15928. tcr2010.pdf

Rojstaczer, S., Ingebritsen, S.E., and Hayba, D.O., 2008, Permeability of continental crust influenced by internal and external forcing, Geofluids, v. 8, 1-12. geofl2008.pdf

Rojstaczer, S., Galloway, D.L., Ingebritsen, S.E., and Rubin, D.M., 2003, Variability in geyser eruptive timing and its causes: Yellowstone National Park, Geophysical Research Letters, v. 30, 1953-1956. grl2003.pdf

Moore N., and Rojstaczer, S., 2002, Irrigation’s influence on precipitation: Texas High Plains, U.S.A., Geophysical Research Letters, v. 29, 1755-1780. grl2002.pdf

Desmarais, K., and Rojstaczer, S., 2002, Inferring groundwater flow paths from measurements of carbonate spring response to storms, Journal of Hydrology, v. 260, 118-134. jhyd2002.pdf

Islam, Md. R., Rojstaczer, S., Aario, R., and Peuraniemi, V., 2002, Mineralogical changes during intense chemical weathering of sedimentary rocks in Bangladesh, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, v. 20, 889-901. jasearth2002.pdf

Islam, Md. R., Peuraniemi, V., Aario, R., and Rojstaczer, S., 2002, Geochemistry and mineralogy of ancient saprolite in Finnish Lapland, Journal of Applied Geochemistry, v. 17, 885-902. japplgeochem2002.pdf

Rojstaczer, S., Sterling, S., and Moore, N., 2001, Human appropriation of photosynthesis products, Science, v. 294, 2549-2552. science2001.pdf

Eggleston, J., and Rojstaczer, S., 2001, The value of grain-size hydraulic conductivity estimates: comparison with high resolution in-situ field hydraulic conductivity, Geophysical Research Letters, v. 28, 2855-2858. grl2001.pdf

Moore, N., and Rojstaczer, S., 2001, Irrigation induced rainfall and the Great Plains, Journal of Applied Meteorology, v. 40, 1297-1309. jam2001.pdf

Phillips, R., and Rojstaczer, S., 2001, Chemical weathering in a region of active orogeny, Pescadero Creek watershed, California, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, v. 15, 383-392. gbc2001.pdf

Eggleston, J., and Rojstaczer, S., 2000, Can we predict subsurface mass transport? Environmental Science & Technology, v. 34, 4010-4017. est2000.pdf

Islam, Md. R., Lahermo, W.P., Salminen, R., Rojstaczer, S., and Peuraniemi, V., 2000, Lake and reservoir water quality affected by metals leaching from tropical soils, Bangladesh, Environmental Geology, v. 39, 1083-1089. envgeo2000.pdf

Glazner, A.F., Manley, C.R., Marron, J.S., and Rojstaczer, S., 1999, Fire or ice: anticorrelation of volcanism and glaciation in California over the past million years, Geophysical Research Letters, v. 26, 1759-1762. grl1999.pdf

Eggleston, J., and Rojstaczer, S., 1998, Identification of large scale hydraulic conductivity trends and the influence of trends on contaminant transport, Water Resources Research, v. 34, 2155-2168. wrr1998.pdf

Eggleston, J., and Rojstaczer, S., 1998, Inferring spatial correlation of hydraulic conductivity from sediment cores and outcrops, Geophysical Research Letters, v. 25, 2321-2324. grl1998.pdf

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Eggleston, J., Rojstaczer, S., and Peirce, J., 1996, Identification of permeability structure in sand and gravel aquifers: the Cape Cod data set, Water Resources Research, v. 32, 1209-1222. wrr1996a.pdf

Rojstaczer, S., 1996, Groundwater modeling: the digital back of the envelope, GSA Today, v. 6 (5), 12-13.gsa1996.pdf

Rojstaczer, S., and Tunks, J.P., 1995, Unsaturated zone fluid flow parameters inferred from pneumatic pressure variations induced by atmospheric pressure changes, Water Resources Research, v. 31, 3337-3343. wrr1995.pdf

Rojstaczer, S., and Deverel, S.J., 1995, Land subsidence in drained histosols and highly organic mineral soils of the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta, Soil Science Society of America Journal, v. 59, 1162-1167. sssa1995.pdf

Rojstaczer, S., Wolf, S., and Michel, R., 1995, Permeability enhancement in the shallow crust as a cause of earthquake-induced hydrological changes, Nature, v. 373, 237-239. nature1995.pdf

Rojstaczer, S., 1994, The limitations of groundwater models, Journal of Geological Education, v. 42, 362-368. jge1994.pdf

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Rojstaczer, S., 1987, The local effects of groundwater pumpage within a fault-influenced groundwater basin, Ash Meadows, Nye County, Nevada, U.S.A., Journal of Hydrology, v. 91, 319-337. jhyd1987.pdf