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I scream, you scream, even Edvard Munch screams for ice cream.

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Novels are works of imagination and I tend to hate novels where there is a heavy emphasis on details accumulated through pre-novel-writing research.  Where’s the magic in that?  But if you have a parrot in a novel, I figure you ought to study parrots.  I do have a parrot in The Mathematician’s Shiva, Pascha.  This is who Pascha is based on personality-wise.  Her name is Obi and she lives in Portola Valley, CA.  Her owners are delightful people who are very affectionate with their birds.  Now tell me true, isn’t she gorgeous?

Pascha the African grey

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Time to conjure up my narrator, bring back the Slavic accent, remember all those feisty, acerbic, maniacally energetic people of my childhood, and go into character for the next three weeks. I kind of missed him.