01. October 2015 · Comments Off on September news fit to print · Categories: Among the Righteous News, Olio

This month I finished a decent draft of my next novel. It’s still not quite ready to send off for comments, but I’m getting there. It should be ready to show to a few people – an exciting and nervous time for me – in mid-October. I highly value comments from my early readers and agent. I make many changes after I get their feedback. There is no doubt that my work is greatly improved when I listen carefully to what these people have to say and incorporate many of their suggestions. It’s the only way I can turn a decent book into a good one. If there are five rules of writing, one of them has to be, “Find a group of early readers and take their criticisms seriously.” I’m grateful that I have insightful readers who can look at my writing and be completely honest about what works and what doesn’t.

I attended a local authors appreciation event at my town’s public library. In October, I’ll be traveling to Madison, WI to give a talk at UW-Madison. In November, I’ll be giving readings in Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC as well as doing a few local events at bookstores and with book clubs.