I perform occasionally around the Bay Area (under the name Stuart Rosh) and my music can be heard in strange places like Kentucky Fried Chickens in Great Britain. You can find tunes of mine on Spotify et al., and can even buy them on Amazon and iTunes. I put out four CDs so far. They got some nice reviews (“beguiling cross-breeding,” “freshness, humor and verve,” etc.) in mostly obscure places and had national distribution back in the day when there were record stores.

Here are some covers.

Here are a couple of tunes from past CDs:

Some Things Get Better With Age (from the CD Fundamental)

Eat At Home (from the CD American Vernacular)

I still write songs compulsively.  It’s a good addiction, I think.  You can find Youtube videos of me performing here and there.  Here’s one of me playing a tune in my man cave, which is where I do most of my “performing” nowadays. I might put out a CD of new tunes this year or next if there is any demand. Ask nicely.



  1. great tunes…..will you be playing on the Peninsula any time soon?

    • Thanks. I don’t chase after gigs anymore, but if a venue is a nice spot to play music and they contact me, I’ll usually say yes. I still like to play out. It’s been a while since a Peninsula venue has asked, but a booker might surprise me. Never know.

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