23. August 2013 · Comments Off on Did some recording for the opera · Categories: Olio

This week with the talented Eugene Brancoveanu.  It was delightful to see and hear a character from our opera, Fordlandia, come to life.  When and if I get to see this performed live on stage I’m going to cry tears of joy.

17. August 2013 · Comments Off on Edits done, contract signed · Categories: Math Shiva News

Still one more round of edits to go, but it keeps getting better and better.  Another month and the book will be off to ARCville.


10. August 2013 · Comments Off on My new logo for my publisher (nerd humor) · Categories: Olio

Random Penguin House


06. August 2013 · Comments Off on Edited out 20 pages worth of scenes · Categories: Math Shiva News

Good stuff, too.  The deleted pages are in a messy pile on my office floor.  It’s time to go lean.  If I went back to earlier drafts I’m sure I could find a great bloopers reel worth of hilarious typos and awful sentences.  Too bad this isn’t a movie.  I’d be all ready for the bonus material section of the DVD.  I should be done with all my edits in a week.  Then back to Penguin it goes.