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Amusing and informative interview with Prof. Michael Nosonovsky at the UWM Jewish Studies center. We look like brothers. It seems like something filmed in Minsk or Kiev for Soviet television, circa 1987, except for the fact that we’re speaking in English and smiling. My mother would have loved it!

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You can follow my jokes and what I’m up to here. @stuartetc

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Here’s the one sheet from the catalog. I get a readers guide (wonder what it’s going to say) and a five-city tour. Amazing. I’m very grateful. No audio version yet, but one can always dream.

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If you’re a prof at Harvard (and at many other private schools), grading is easy nowadays.  Just go down the roster and type the letter A. No mess, no fuss, no thinking. You don’t even have to give final exams. The late Clark Kerr used to joke that the three purposes of a university were “to provide sex for the students, sports for the alumni, and parking for the faculty.” It’s not a joke anymore.

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She wanted a Ferrari. She had a little trouble blowing out the candle. Ah, these life events. There was her Cat Mitzvah. Now her sweet sixteen.

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An homage to the auto correct feature on my cell phone.  And by the way, Happy New Year.