24. October 2014 · Comments Off on The Mathematician’s Shiva Gets A Rave Review in the NYT · Categories: Math Shiva News

It’ll be in the NYT Book Review on November 2nd. I’ll post it then and I’m grateful beyond words.

16. October 2014 · Comments Off on TMS is back in the ABA Top 50 · Categories: Math Shiva News

Truly unexpected, unlikely and amazing. It’s been in the top 50 for four out of the last five weeks.

09. October 2014 · Comments Off on TMS is back on the SF Chronicle / NCIBA bestseller list · Categories: Math Shiva News

You can find the list here. Amazing stuff for a debut novel about a bunch of crazy emigre mathematicians sitting around and talking for seven days.

07. October 2014 · Comments Off on A country where students do well in math · Categories: Math Shiva News

is also a country that loves The Mathematician’s Shiva. Well, at least its major newspaper does. Singapore’s The Straits Times gives TMS four and a half stars and says, “[The] writing is witty with insightful commentary…. His characters are well-developed, and they remain very much alive in my mind, days after finishing the book.” Thank you!

02. October 2014 · Comments Off on The Mathematician’s Shiva is Books-A-Million’s Literary Book Club · Categories: Math Shiva News

pick for December. The book will be featured in their stores for the next three months. Thank you!

01. October 2014 · Comments Off on My interview with the Jewish Book Council · Categories: Math Shiva News

about The Mathematician’s Shiva is here. I get something different from the typical questions thrown my way, which I’m guessing is because the interviewer is a scientist by training. The interview will be in Jewish Book World’s next issue.

Also Library Journal gives some love to a bunch of first novels, including The Mathematician’s Shiva, here.

29. September 2014 · Comments Off on Penguin has put the Reading Guide · Categories: Math Shiva News

for The Mathematician’s Shiva online. They ask questions. I answer them. Then they ask questions that I don’t answer. And as for me, it’s a new year and I’m back to working on a new book. Ahhhhh.

27. September 2014 · Comments Off on A second printing of The Mathematician’s Shiva and more · Categories: Math Shiva News

TMS is #13 on the SF Chronicle bestseller list. It’s #9 on the ABA South bestseller list and #39 nationwide (highest so far; been in the top 50 for three weeks). Books-A-Million is making it a Book Club pick for December (Thank you!). So far, it has all been about handselling in brick and mortar stores. It’s as if Amazon doesn’t exist. No national media reviews. No national media buzz. Yet somehow it’s selling extremely well because apparently word of mouth trumps all. And Penguin has ordered a second printing. Amazing. I am grateful beyond words.

25. September 2014 · Comments Off on Thank you Moe’s Books · Categories: Math Shiva News

for recommending The Mathematician’s Shiva on SF Gate. Also thanks to Berkeley’s Mrs. Dalloway’s Bookstore for their recommendation of TMS on their website. Staff picks have also come from The Book Cellar in Chicago, Square Books in Oxford, MS and elsewhere. Then there were the indie bookstores across the country that invited me to give readings last week and the week before. Then there are the indie bookstores that have invited me for readings in the months ahead. I note that indie bookstores and their enthusiastic sales staffs have been responsible for almost all the sales of The Mathematician’s Shiva since it came out on September 2nd. They’ve made Penguin happy. They’ve made me happy. I’m grateful to them big time.

24. September 2014 · Comments Off on Interview on KUCI · Categories: Math Shiva News

The radio program is called Writers on Writing. The half-hour interview with me talking about the writing process and The Mathematician’s Shiva can be found here. I haven’t listened but my publicist really likes it.